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Come and discover the creepy and brutal history of the fair city!

  • 2 hours
  • 15 euros
  • Barnardo Square, Dame Street

What will we see?

Discover the dark and creepy side of Dublin and unearth some hidden history! Explore Dublin’s gruesome stories of murder, torture, cannibalism, grave robbing, brothels, proposals to eat young children, unearthly worship and much more! We start our journey at Dublin Castle, where we will explore the torture of the past, speak of priest hunters and unearth why the upper courtyard was nicknamed the Devil’s Half Acre. Behind the beautiful architecture is a brutal past. From here we’ll take the side streets to hear stories of cannibalism and of proposals to eat babies. As we delve further into Dublin’s dark past, we’ll enter an area once known as hell. Uncover stories of brothels, witches, and the infamous Hellfire Club. Passing by the old city walls we’ll learn of grave robbing, the back pig, and finish with the very unusual case of a strangler and killer with no legs.  Join us on this 2-hour walking tour as we weave our way through the city streets and back alleys to uncover Dublin’s Dark past.

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